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WPF vs WinForms – Making the Right Decision in 2024

January 12, 2024 7 minutes read If you’re a developer faced with the decision of selecting between Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Windows Forms (WinForms) commonly referred to as WPF...
NDepend January 12, 2024

Improve C# code performance with Span<T>

November 7, 2023 9 minutes read The structure Span<T> in the namespace System appeared with C# 7.2 in 2017. Span<T> offers type-safe access to a contiguous region of memory. Such...
NDepend November 7, 2023

.NET 8 Top 10 New Features

October 23, 2023 7 minutes read .NET 8 will be officially release very soon in November 2023. Designated as an LTS (Long Term Support) version, it guarantees ongoing support, updates,...
NDepend October 23, 2023

.NET Micro-Optimization and Refactoring Trick

May 31, 2023 3 minutes read Recently, I made an interesting observation regarding Dictionary<string,T>: the method TryGetValue() is faster when building  with new Dictionary<string,T>(StringComparer.Ordinal). This performance difference can be attributed...
NDepend May 31, 2023

Managed pointers, Span, ref struct, C#11 ref fields and the scoped keyword

October 25, 2022 9 minutes read The concept of managed pointer exists in the NET runtime and C# since the inception of the platform in the early 2000. Managed pointers...
NDepend October 25, 2022