Improve your .NET code quality with NDepend

Blazor Internals you need to know

Lately the Blazor technology received a lot of attention both from Microsoft and from the .NET community. Blazor is a UI technology. The ASP.NET team develops it since 2017. Its...
Patrick Smacchia September 3, 2020

Don’t rely on someone else to protect your software

This morning I stumbled on this post Decompilation of C# code made easy with Visual Studio on the Visual Studio blog. Basically VS will soon be able to not only...
Patrick Smacchia February 20, 2020

Not planning now to migrate your .NET 4.8 legacy, is certainly a mistake

2020 will see the achievement of the massive remodeling of the .NET platform initiated by Microsoft in November 2014 with the introduction of .NET Core 1, with the promise of...
Patrick Smacchia January 16, 2020

4 Predictions for the Future of .NET

In May 2019, Microsoft officially announced .NET 5, the future of .NET: it will be based on all the .NET Core work already achieved. Here is the schedule announced: On...
Patrick Smacchia October 8, 2019