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Using C#9 record and init property in your .NET Framework 4.x, .NET Standard and .NET Core projects

C#9 record and C#9 init property are really nice addition to the language. As explained in C#9 records: immutable classes, both are syntactic sugar that don’t require any change at...
Patrick Smacchia November 25, 2020

C#9 records: immutable classes

Record is a long time awaited feature now proposed by C# 9. Finally we have a concise syntax to express this: [crayon-5feedd18c9ab8499120446/] Isn’t it beautiful? In the NDepend code itself...
Patrick Smacchia October 12, 2020

.NET 5.0 App Trimming and Potential for Future Progress

In this article we will: go through the various ways to publish a .NET 5.0 application, play with .NET 5.0 app trimming to reduce the size of our deliverable use...
Patrick Smacchia September 28, 2020

Top 10 .NET 5.0 new APIs

When a new major .NET version hits Release Candidate, it is time to use the NDepend code review changes capabilities to browse which new APIs have been added. It is...
Patrick Smacchia September 21, 2020