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Clean Architecture Refactoring: A Case Study

April 27, 2021 9 minutes read Introduction to Clean Architecture The recent post Clean Architecture for ASP.NET Core Solution: A Case Study explained that one of the most interesting property...
NDepend April 27, 2021

Top 10 Visual Studio Refactoring Tips

July 7, 2020 6 minutes read With the version 2019 Visual Studio is now mature when it comes to refactoring. This post proposes a tour of the top 10 most...
NDepend July 7, 2020

Identify .NET Code Structure Patterns with no Effort

July 16, 2019 7 minutes read The two pillars of code maintainability are automatic testing and clean code structure. Testing is used to regularly challenge code correctness and detect regression...
NDepend July 16, 2019

Static analysis of .NET Core 2.0 applications

October 12, 2017 3 minutes read NDepend v2017.3 has just been released with major improvements. One of the most requested features, now available, is the support for analyzing .NET Core 2.0...
NDepend October 12, 2017