Improve your .NET code quality with NDepend

The proper usages of the keyword ‘static’ in C#

The keyword static is somewhat awkward in a pure Oriented-Object world. I would like to explain here what are the right usages of static I came up after 25 years of...
Patrick Smacchia December 8, 2020

Visualize Code with Software Architecture Diagrams

The source code is the design. This famous motto means that no matter how many diagrams you draw and discuss with your colleagues, what matters is how the existing source...
Patrick Smacchia November 10, 2020

When your brain can’t handle the complexity: NDepend and PostSharp

The size and complexity of codebases have exploded in the last decade. What can you do when your codebase no longer fits your brain? In this article I’ll suggest two...
Patrick Smacchia November 2, 2020

New C#9 keywords ‘and’ ‘or’ ‘not’

HoweverThe C#9 language introduces new controversial keywords: and keyword: Conjunctive patterns. Require both patterns to match or keyword: Disjunctive patterns. Require either pattern to match not keyword: Negative patterns. Require...
Patrick Smacchia October 5, 2020