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Mentoring Software Developers as an Architect

A while back we discussed the unique career path architects have to travel. We wrote that article for developers who want to advance their careers and aren’t sure which way...
Eric Goebelbecker November 27, 2018

Your Guide to Winning Arguments About Code

The whole “tabs versus spaces” thing occupies sort of an iconic position in the programmer world.  It represents the impossibility of winning arguments that are unwinnable by their very nature. ...
Erik Dietrich February 20, 2018

Delegation As a Developer: Building the Next You

“I love me some me!”   Yes, there’s more than just an ounce of truth in that statement said by the great NFL receiver Terrell Owens.  Terrell loved some Terrell....
Erik Dietrich January 9, 2018

Following the Software Architecture Career Path

I can recall a certain day in my career with remarkable clarity. I say remarkable because this happened well over a decade ago, when I was a relatively fresh-faced software...
Erik Dietrich January 2, 2018