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Architecture of a .NET Application: 8 Case Studies

January 30, 2024 9 minutes read This recent question on Reddit’s Number of projects per solution led to interesting debates. Of course, the answer depends largely on the overall size...
NDepend January 30, 2024

C# Record Explained

January 23, 2024 7 minutes read A C# record is a data-centric type that usually doesn’t contain behaviors.  C# 9 introduced the keyword record to quickly declare a class primarily...
NDepend January 23, 2024

C# ValueTuple Full Guide

January 18, 2024 9 minutes read In 2017 C# 7.0 introduced ValueTuple. This feature makes it convenient to handle lightweight data structures. Here is an example of relying on the...
NDepend January 18, 2024

A Guide to Code Coverage Tools for C# in 2024

January 11, 2024 3 minutes read In this post, we’ll go through 8 different .NET code coverage tools and list their features to help you make a decision. But first,...
Erik Dietrich January 11, 2024

Following the Software Architecture Career Path

January 10, 2024 3 minutes read I can recall a certain day in my career with remarkable clarity. I say remarkable because this happened well over a decade ago, when...
Erik Dietrich January 10, 2024

.NET – 7 Decompiler Compared (2024)

January 10, 2024 9 minutes read Looking to reverse engineer or disassemble some .NET code? Then learning how to decompile .NET assemblies is an essential skill for any .NET developer...
NDepend January 10, 2024