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Unveiling the Impressive Features of Upcoming C# 12

Microsoft unveils new features in C# 12 Preview. C# 12 along with .NET 8 will be officially released in November 2023. Let’s explore the latest impressive enhancements in this post....
Patrick Smacchia August 17, 2023

C# async await explained (2023)

In 2012, C#5 was released. This version introduced two new keywords async and await. At that time CPU clock speed reached an upper limit imposed by physical laws. But chip...
Patrick Smacchia August 16, 2023

Improve Visual Studio Build Performance

Time is your most precious asset and slow build is high in the list of developer’s productivity killers. With slow build the penalty is twofold: not only the time taken...
Patrick Smacchia August 11, 2023

Class vs Struct in C#: Making Informed Choices

In C# programming, choosing the right data type between classes and structs is a crucial decision that impacts application performance and design. This article presents a concise comparison of Class vs...
Patrick Smacchia August 1, 2023