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C# 11 File Scoped Types

C#11 added the file scoped types feature: a new file modifier that can be applied to any type definition to restrict its usage to the current file. This way we...
Patrick Smacchia October 27, 2022

Managed pointers, Span, ref struct, C#11 ref fields and the scoped keyword

The concept of managed pointer exists in the NET runtime and C# since the inception of the platform in the early 2000. Managed pointers belong mostly to the pointer world,...
Patrick Smacchia October 25, 2022

.NET Build Improvement: Stop Wasting Resources

I am working on .NET development full-time since 2002 and there is a point that still annoys me after all these years: the default .NET build behavior leads to a...
Patrick Smacchia October 4, 2022