Improve your .NET code quality with NDepend

12 Visual Studio Debugging Productivity Tips

In this post we assume the the reader knows the basics of debugging with Visual Studio: F5 to start running with the debugger F9 set breakpoint on the current line...
Patrick Smacchia June 30, 2020

10 Visual Studio Ninja Code Editor Productivity Tips

Among the multiple daily development tasks (planning, testing, refactoring, bug fix…) code edition is arguably the most satisfying one. Code edition can be even more satisfying and productive by mastering...
Patrick Smacchia June 24, 2020

10 Visual Studio Solution Explorer Productivity Tips

The Visual Studio Solution Explorer panel is like home for Visual Studio users. It presents all projects, source files and items thanks to a treeview layout. This panel is quite...
Patrick Smacchia June 17, 2020