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Identify .NET Code Structure Patterns with no Effort

July 16, 2019 7 minutes read The two pillars of code maintainability are automatic testing and clean code structure. Testing is used to regularly challenge code correctness and detect regression...
NDepend July 16, 2019

Ensure that your classes are declared as sealed when possible

July 10, 2019 3 minutes read Inheritance is one of the pillar of OOP. However, in the real world, most classes are not designed to be properly inheritable. Properly designing...
NDepend July 10, 2019

The continuous adaptation of Visual Studio extensions

July 4, 2019 5 minutes read One could think that developing an extension for a two-decades+ product as mature as Visual Studio is headache-less. Not really. Visual Studio is a...
NDepend July 4, 2019