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C# Features: An Exhaustive List of the Best Ones

The first post I wrote for the NDepend blog was about C# 8.0 features. That post inspired a sequel, followed by the series’ final chapter. Those posts dealt with the...
Carlos Schults December 18, 2018

REST vs. RESTful: The Difference and Why the Difference Doesn’t Matter

What’s the difference between a REST API and a RESTful one? Is there a difference? This sounds like the kind of academic question that belongs on Reddit. But then you...
Eric Goebelbecker December 11, 2018

Coupling in Programming: What This Means and How Not to Get Burned

What is coupling in programming? Is it something we want to avoid when we design and write code? If so, why? And more importantly, how? Let’s take a look at...
Eric Goebelbecker December 4, 2018