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Programming to an Interface: A Simple Explanation

As an architect, you know that programming to an interface is good. It’s what everyone should do. But what does that mean? And why should you do it? Searching the...
Sylvia Fronczak August 21, 2018

What Is a Good Unit Test? 5 Must-Haves

In this day and age, unit testing isn’t as controversial as it once was. Sure, you still see the occasional inflammatory, clickbait-y, confrontational “unit testing is garbage” type of post...
Carlos Schults August 14, 2018

Layered Architecture: Still a Solid Approach

Layered architecture gets a lot of flack. Even though it’s still the most prevalent architecture, we view it as an anti-pattern. It’s old, not scaleable, and anti-SOLID. It encourages (shudder)...
Sylvia Fronczak August 7, 2018