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Software Architecture: The 5 Patterns You Need to Know

When I was attending night school to become a programmer, I learned several design patterns: singleton, repository, factory, builder, decorator, etc. Design patterns give us a proven solution to existing...
Peter Morlion June 26, 2018

Continuing Our Clean Architecture Example in C#

After a somewhat long delay, it’s time to finally continue our series on clean architecture. This is the second post in the inner series in which we show you a...
Carlos Schults June 19, 2018

Log4net vs NLog: A Comparison of How They Affect Codebases

Ah, the old “versus” Google search.  Invariably, you’re in the research stage of some decision when you type this word into a search engine.  Probably not something like Coke vs...
Erik Dietrich June 12, 2018

Use NDepend to Measure How SOLID Your Code Is

Not that long ago, we published a post defending the SOLID principles of object-oriented design. In today’s post, we take it a step further: we’re going to present NDepend’s rules that will...
Carlos Schults June 5, 2018