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Software Architecture: The 5 Patterns You Need to Know

June 26, 2018 1 minutes read When I was attending night school to become a programmer, I learned several design patterns: singleton, repository, factory, builder, decorator, etc. Design patterns give...
Erik Dietrich June 26, 2018

Continuing Our Clean Architecture Example in C#

June 19, 2018 1 minutes read After a somewhat long delay, it’s time to finally continue our series on clean architecture. This is the second post in the inner series...
Erik Dietrich June 19, 2018

Log4net vs NLog: A Comparison of How They Affect Codebases

June 12, 2018 1 minutes read Ah, the old “versus” Google search.  Invariably, you’re in the research stage of some decision when you type this word into a search engine. ...
Erik Dietrich June 12, 2018

Use NDepend to Measure How SOLID Your Code Is

June 5, 2018 1 minutes read Not that long ago, we published a post defending the SOLID principles of object-oriented design. In today’s post, we take it a step further: we’re going...
Erik Dietrich June 5, 2018