Improve your .NET code quality with NDepend

In Defense of the SOLID Principles

From posts that politely offer their criticisms to others that outright deem them “for dummies,” it seems that bashing the SOLID principles is all the rage nowadays. The fact that...
Carlos Schults April 24, 2018

Quickly assess your .NET code compliance with .NET Standard

Yesterday evening I had an interesting discussion about the feasibility of migrating parts of the NDepend code to .NET Standard to ultimately run it on .NET Core. We’re not yet...
Patrick Smacchia April 19, 2018

Moq: A Detailed Look at Its Code Quality

In case you haven’t seen it, I’ve been doing a series of research-oriented posts for this blog.  This is going to be in the same vein but focused on the...
Erik Dietrich April 17, 2018

On the Superiority of the Visual Studio Dark Theme

When I downloaded the newest version of NDepend, something wonderful awaited me.  Was it support for the latest .NET Core version?  The addition of checks for ubiquitous language for DDD...
Erik Dietrich April 10, 2018

C# 8.0 Features: A Final Glimpse Of The Future

It was not that long ago when we published our first post about the future of C# 8.0 and the probable features it’s getting. On the first post, we covered...
Carlos Schults April 3, 2018