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An Introduction to Clean Architecture

It seems to me that the topic of software architecture has attracted a lot of interest in the last few years. And among many different flavors and styles of software...
Carlos Schults January 30, 2018

Unit Tests Correlate With Desirable Codebase Properties

Today, I give you the third post in a series about how unit tests affect codebases. The first one wound up getting a lot of attention, which was fun.  In...
Erik Dietrich January 23, 2018

Value Objects: A Tool for Self-Documented Code and Fewer Errors

Have you ever heard of value objects? I bet you have. Even though they’re talked about a lot less than I’d like, they’re still talked about enough that many developers have...
Carlos Schults January 16, 2018

Delegation As a Developer: Building the Next You

“I love me some me!”   Yes, there’s more than just an ounce of truth in that statement said by the great NFL receiver Terrell Owens.  Terrell loved some Terrell....
Erik Dietrich January 9, 2018

Following the Software Architecture Career Path

I can recall a certain day in my career with remarkable clarity. I say remarkable because this happened well over a decade ago, when I was a relatively fresh-faced software...
Erik Dietrich January 2, 2018