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An Introduction to Clean Architecture

January 30, 2018 2 minutes read It seems to me that the topic of software architecture has attracted a lot of interest in the last few years. And among many...
Erik Dietrich January 30, 2018

Unit Tests Correlate With Desirable Codebase Properties

January 23, 2018 2 minutes read Today, I give you the third post in a series about how unit tests affect codebases. The first one wound up getting a lot...
Erik Dietrich January 23, 2018

Value Objects: A Tool for Self-Documented Code and Fewer Errors

January 16, 2018 1 minutes read Have you ever heard of value objects? I bet you have. Even though they’re talked about a lot less than I’d like, they’re still...
Erik Dietrich January 16, 2018

Delegation As a Developer: Building the Next You

January 9, 2018 3 minutes read “I love me some me!”   Yes, there’s more than just an ounce of truth in that statement said by the great NFL receiver...
Erik Dietrich January 9, 2018