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C# 8.0 Features: A Glimpse of the Future

November 30, 2017 1 minutes read It’s been almost 20 years since Microsoft released the first version of the C# language. From its inception—when some unjustly deemed it a mere...
Erik Dietrich November 30, 2017

Unit Testing Doesn’t Affect Codebases the Way You Would Think

November 22, 2017 2 minutes read I’ve just wrapped up another study.  (The last one was about singletons, if you’re interested.) This time, I looked at unit testing and the...
Erik Dietrich November 22, 2017

5 Tips to Help You Visualize Code

November 16, 2017 2 minutes read Source code doesn’t have any physical weight — at least not until you print it out on paper.  But it carries a lot of...
Erik Dietrich November 16, 2017

A problem with extension methods

November 13, 2017 2 minutes read We like extension methods. When named accordingly they can both make the caller code clearer, and isolate static methods from classes on which they...
NDepend November 13, 2017

CRAP Metric Is a Thing And It Tells You About Risk in Your Code

November 9, 2017 2 minutes read I won’t lie.  As I thought about writing this post, I took special glee in contemplating the title.  How should I talk about the...
Erik Dietrich November 9, 2017

Code Reuse is Not a Good Goal

November 2, 2017 2 minutes read Wait, wait, wait.  Put down the pitchforks and listen for a minute.  You’re probably thinking that I’m about to tout the “virtues” of copy/paste...
Erik Dietrich November 2, 2017