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The Singleton Design Pattern: Impact Quantified

October 26, 2017 3 minutes read This post has been about a month in the offing.  Back in August, I wrote about what the singleton pattern costs you.  This prompted...
Erik Dietrich October 26, 2017

You Have No Excuse for Dead Code

October 19, 2017 2 minutes read In darker times, software management would measure productivity as a function of lines of code.  More code means more done, right?  Facepalm.  When I...
Erik Dietrich October 19, 2017

Static analysis of .NET Core 2.0 applications

October 12, 2017 3 minutes read NDepend v2017.3 has just been released with major improvements. One of the most requested features, now available, is the support for analyzing .NET Core 2.0...
NDepend October 12, 2017

Without Seeing Your Application’s Dependency Graph, You’re Flying Blind

October 12, 2017 2 minutes read Software architecture tends to be a pretty hard game.  Writing scripts and little toy apps is easy enough.  You build something and then you...
Erik Dietrich October 12, 2017

Get Smart — Go Beyond Cyclomatic Complexity in C#

October 5, 2017 2 minutes read Recently, I wrote a post explaining the basics of cyclomatic complexity.  You can read that for a deep dive, but for our purposes here,...
Erik Dietrich October 5, 2017