Improve your .NET code quality with NDepend

C# Tools to Help with Your Code Quality

Over the years, one of the things I’ve come to love about the .NET ecosystem is the absolute abundance of tools to help you.  It’s an embarrassment of riches.  I...
Erik Dietrich September 28, 2017

Announcing the Singleton Challenge

About a month ago, I made a post about what the singleton pattern costs you. Although I stated my case in terms of trade-offs rather than prescriptive advice, I still...
Erik Dietrich September 21, 2017

Understanding Cyclomatic Complexity

Wander the halls of an enterprise software outfit looking to improve, and you’ll hear certain things.  First and foremost, you’ll probably hear about unit test coverage.  But, beyond that, you’ll...
Erik Dietrich September 14, 2017

Marker Interface Isn’t a Pattern or a Good Idea

Today, I have the unique opportunity to show you the shortest, easiest code sample of all time.  I’m talking about the so-called marker interface.  Want to see it?  Here you...
Erik Dietrich September 7, 2017

Migrating from HTTP to HTTPS in a IIS / ASP.NET environment

Google is urging more and more webmasters to move their sites to HTTPS for security reasons. We did this move last week for our IIS / ASP.NET website https://www.NDepend.com and we learned a...
Patrick Smacchia September 5, 2017