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The One Thing Every Company Can Do to Reduce Technical Debt

February 23, 2017 2 minutes read The idea of technical debt has become ubiquitous in our industry.  It started as a metaphor to help business stakeholders understand the compounding cost...
Erik Dietrich February 23, 2017

Computing Technical Debt with NDepend

February 16, 2017 2 minutes read For years, I have struggled to articulate technical debt to non-technical stakeholders.  This struggle says something, given that technical debt makes an excellent metaphor...
Erik Dietrich February 16, 2017

Learning Programming with Hands on Projects

February 9, 2017 1 minutes read If you want a surefire way to make money, look for enormous disparity between demand and supply.  As software developers, we understand this implicitly....
Erik Dietrich February 9, 2017

What Metrics Should the CIO See?

February 2, 2017 1 minutes read I’ve worked in the programming industry long enough to remember a less refined time.  During this time, the CIO (or CFO, since IT used...
Erik Dietrich February 2, 2017