Improve your .NET code quality with NDepend

How to Deliver Software Projects on Time

Someone asked me recently, almost in passing, about the keys to delivering software projects on time.  In this particular instance, it was actually a question of how to deliver .NET...
Erik Dietrich July 28, 2016

Static Analysis Isn’t Just for Techies

I do a lot of work with and around static analysis tools.  Obviously, I write for this blog.  I also have a consulting practice that includes detailed codebase and team...
Erik Dietrich July 21, 2016

Avoid Technical Debt with NDepend

The term “technical debt” has become ubiquitous in the programming world.  In the most general sense, it reflects the idea that you’re doing something easy in the moment, but that...
Erik Dietrich July 14, 2016

Easy to Miss Code Smells

The concept of a code smell is, perhaps, one of the most evocative in our profession.  The name itself has a levity factor to it, conjuring a mental image of...
Erik Dietrich July 7, 2016