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How to Add Static Analysis to Your Development Process

As a consultant, one of the more universal things that I’ve observed over the years is managerial hand-waving.  This comes in a lot with the idea of agile processes, for instance....
Erik Dietrich March 31, 2016

Legacy Code for Developers: Managing your Manager

Here’s a campfire horror story of legacy code that probably sounds at least somewhat familiar. One day, your manager strolls by casually, sipping a cup of coffee, and drops a...
Erik Dietrich March 24, 2016

Static Analysis for Small Business

I was asked recently, kind of off the cuff, whether I thought that static analysis made sense for small business.  I must admit that the first response that popped into...
Erik Dietrich March 10, 2016

A Visual Studio script that saves time and pain

After years of pain, I finally found a clean-and-definitive way to get rid of the dreadful issue Could not copy assembly, the process cannot access the file because it is...
Patrick Smacchia March 7, 2016

A Manager’s Guide to Legacy Code

If you have a sadistic streak and manage a team of software developers, it’s probably high entertainment to dredge up some old, dusty piece of software and then to task...
Erik Dietrich March 3, 2016