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With Code Metrics, Trends are King

December 31, 2015 2 minutes read Here’s a scene that’s familiar to any software developer.  You sit down to work with the source code of a new team or project...
Erik Dietrich December 31, 2015

Let’s Build a Metric: Global and Local Scope

December 24, 2015 4 minutes read Last time in this series, I began an exploration of how a method might be impacted by the scope of the variables that it...
Erik Dietrich December 24, 2015

Be Careful with Software Metaphors

December 17, 2015 6 minutes read Over the years, there have been any number of popular software metaphors that help people radically misunderstand the realities of software development.  Probably the...
Erik Dietrich December 17, 2015

The Most Important Code Metrics You’ve Never Heard Of

December 10, 2015 6 minutes read Oh, how I hope you don’t measure developer productivity by lines of code. As Bill Gates once ably put it, “measuring software productivity by lines...
Erik Dietrich December 10, 2015

NDepend updated to Version 6.2

December 3, 2015 2 minutes read NDepend version 6.2 has just been released. We have addressed over 20 bug fixes, including a blocker one for Visual Studio 2015 update 1 Git...
NDepend December 3, 2015

Let’s Build a Metric: Using CQLinq to Reason about Application State

December 3, 2015 4 minutes read I’ve been letting the experiments run for a bit before posting results so as to give all participants enough time to submit, if they...
Erik Dietrich December 3, 2015