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Bringing Objectivity to Clean Code

If you want to stir up a pretty serious amount of discussion-churn, wander over to where the software developers sit and ask for a consensus definition of “clean code.”  This...
Erik Dietrich September 24, 2015

The Myth of the Software Rewrite

“We can’t go on like this.  We need to rewrite this thing from scratch.” The Writing is on the Wall These words infuriate CIOs and terrify managers and directors of...
Erik Dietrich September 17, 2015

Let’s Build a Metric 4: Science and Experiments

Last time around, I promised a foray into Newtonian mechanics, so I might as well start with that.  This is the equation for gravitational force, one of the 4 fundamental...
Erik Dietrich September 10, 2015

Managing to Avoid Cobras

Incentives are a funny thing.  Done well, they can spur your team to productivity and career-advancing, win-win situations.  Done not so well, they can create havoc. As this point, I...
Erik Dietrich September 3, 2015